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Our top tips to pass the 11 Plus

Read, read… and then read some more. Vocabulary plays a huge part in excelling in both the English and Verbal Reasoning 11 plus selection test papers. Reading is a brilliant way of learning new words, so encourage your child to bury their head in a book!

Try out various activities such as crosswords, word searches or Sudoku as they can be helpful in preparing for the Verbal Reasoning test.

Work on your maths skills. Ensure that your child’s times tables skills are up to scratch and test them on their mental maths.

Stay organised! Spending a minute or two at the start of each week, to plan out days for revision or agree on deadlines for work, can be extremely useful for staying on track.

Don’t overload your child! Allow them plenty of breaks, even if only for 5 minutes or so. This will ensure that they stay focused and take it all in. Make sure to leave time for fun and to relax!

Practise is key. Practising mock 11 plus papers under exam conditions will help identify weak areas as well as working on timing.

Be strict about bedtime. It can be tiring preparing for the 11 plus exam so it’s vital to get plenty of rest to be able to cope with the inevitable pressure and nerves.

Exercise and eat healthily. A healthy body is a healthy mind!

Wiseowls Learning Team

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