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Mastery Workshops

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Creative Writing Workshop

A positive and productive workshop atmosphere for your child to learn, develop and harness creativity effectively to benefit their skill and competence as a writer.


Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Workshop
Many students approach reasoning papers with random guessing on the multiple-choice questions. It may come naturally to some while others need guidance. We strongly believe that children who become familiar with this type of testing will do better on the day of the test. During the workshops, your child will work through each type of reasoning question, which we will discuss together as a group. We will explain the approach required for each question type and give tips that will help your child succeed with the reasoning exams. 


Verbal Reasoning: Numerical pattern recognition; identifying verb vs noun forms; code breaking

Non-Verbal Reasoning: Applying the spatial operations of rotation, reflection & translation; scale and proportion; multi-step operations.

Vocabulary Skills: Identifying verbs, adjectives and noun forms, identifying root words, understanding prefixes and suffixes, working with homophones and homonyms.

3D Spacial Reasoning: tubes, nets, fold and punch questions.


Numerical reasoning and maths Workshop

An in-depth workshop for consolidation and building on previous knowledge of different mathematical concepts, closing gaps and working on weaknesses.


Exam Skills Workshop

During these workshops we will carry out timed practice papers, learning a variety of exam techniques along the way. We will focus on time management and how to tackle multiple-choice questions effectively, as well as discussing revision techniques and how to set short term goals. We will identify your child’s learning style to get the best out of their revision, teaching them how to create a study plan, write effective notes and make revision prompts for around the house.




For many children, sitting the grammar schools’ selection test can be a very daunting and stressful experience. The Wiseowls Learning team have carefully prepared three test papers, which mirror the actual grammar school selection tests. The papers are sat in strict, timed test conditions, enabling your child to familiarise themselves with the structure and the experience of taking the test in unfamiliar surroundings.


It helps to build confidence ensuring that your child is fully prepared to PASS and knows exactly what to expect on the day. Previous parents and children have claimed the pre-test to be invaluable and would highly recommend this to any child wishing to take the 11 Plus selection test.  


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Intensive Revision Course

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What are the benefits of attending the intense revision course? 


The aims of this course is to cover any weak areas identified by the learners. We will go over each subject area in greater depth, ensuring that any doubts your child may have are dealt with effectively, in a way which leaves your child confident, enthusiastic and ready to face the selection test. Timing is critical so at Wiseowls Learning, we help your child focus on completing past practice papers under strict timed conditions in preparation for the selection test. 

Summer School

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Familiar with the term ‘Summer Slide’? During the long summer holidays, children slip out of learning and fall behind. In effect, it refers to a loss of knowledge and ability when they are away from regular education.

What are the effects of ‘summer slide’? Research into summer slide reveals some shocking facts! It can take several weeks for students to recap on what they learnt before the long summer break, making them fall behind with reading and spelling skills, literacy and maths skills and by the time they get back into learning, the 11 Plus selection test is upon them.

What are the benefits of attending our summer school? Whether you choose to send your child for one day, a week or the whole 15 days of summer school, they will find it fun and energetic and a great chance to boost their confidence in preparation for the 11 Plus selection test. 

The Masterclasses are carefully structured to cover both English comprehension and creative writing tips and techniques, as this subject has proven to be the most challenging area of the Grammar School selection test. We will also cover the trickiest areas of Maths and Verbal Reasoning.

For those wishing to sit the Heckmondwike Grammar School or Skipton Grammar Schools selection test, we will also include Non-Verbal Reasoning. 


Don’t let your child miss out on the best start to secondary education! 


Wiseowls learning are an approved Ofsted voluntary registered childcare provider. Childcare vouchers, the childcare element of Working Tax Credits and Universal Credit or the Childcare Grant for full-time students could enable you to save on your fees. We also offer a fantastic scholarship scheme, which gives a discount to parents receiving means-tested benefits e.g. Income Support, employment support allowance or Job Seekers Allowance (proof of eligibility will be required).

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