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Our Story

Our Story




One thing we all have in common is that we want the best for the future of our children and the key to that future begins with their education.

When our family moved to the Halifax area, we were facing this exact dilemma for our three children. It was on the primary school playgrounds, amid the half-hearted chatter between parents, that we heard about the unprecedented education provided by the local Grammar schools. We weren’t sure if it was possible to get our children into a Grammar school after hearing about the gruelling selection test process. We were wrong and if you think it’s out of your reach, you’re wrong too! Not only is it possible, but it can also be affordable to get the extra support you need.


I made it my goal to prepare our children for the selection tests by designing tailor-made tutorials focused on their strengths and delivered this at their pace. With all three children passing their exams with flying colours and going off to attend the same grammar school, I am delighted to say our hard work paid off.  With two of them achieving masters degrees at university, and our youngest at North Halifax Grammar School, they are now all thriving!


If I could deliver the tutoring to my children that they needed to get through those grammar school selection tests, I thought why couldn’t I widen my reach and do so for others in the area too? So I decided to do exactly that. I retrained from my position as a housing charity advisor and pursued a role that I had always been incredibly passionate about, teaching. I redirected my passion and experience in supporting others into my new role within a school and gained experience teaching in both primary schools and colleges.


One of my students had missed several months of education due to a serious illness. I worked hard to build up the child’s confidence so that when they returned to school with their peers they did not feel left behind in their studies. In appreciation for tutoring that child, I was offered a base within the Westgate Arcade in Halifax. This is where the Wiseowls Learning tuition centre started.

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Parenting involves many difficult decisions but what if we can take away at least some of those worries? At Wiseowls Learning, we intend to do just that!


We are now a small team of professional, talented and dedicated tutors who specialise in their particular subject areas. We provide the best possible tutoring service, attracting students from all over the region. Not all children are able to receive a perfect education within a large school setting; that’s where we come in. Our small class sizes ensure that each student is getting the most out of their tutoring by receiving personalised support.


Our ethos is to treat every child who enters our centre as though they were our own.


We don’t just offer a learning environment, we offer a personal, caring and nurturing environment. Our centre is one that children enter with excitement and exit with a sense of achievement. A place that children feel safe, secure and supported, where they are encouraged to ask questions and come to us with their queries without fear of judgement. Our love for working with children and helping to support them through their education is what makes Wiseowls Learning such a great place to be.


A testament to our success is our consistent proven track record. With an average pass rate of 90% in the selection tests, we are committed to helping students to gain a place at their desired grammar school.


Whether you want your child to stay on track with their schoolwork, or soar ahead and achieve better grades than they ever believed possible, give them the academic edge with Wiseowls Learning, where we truly believe in their ability and potential.

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