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What is the 11 Plus?

In the Yorkshire region, we have five selective, non-fee paying, state secondary schools, which select their pupils based on academic ability. These are known as grammar schools. The 11 Plus is a selection test used by the five grammar schools to help them select their pupils. It is used to determine the natural academic ability in year six of primary school.


This exam is of huge significance and is potentially one of the most important exams your child may take in their life. Passing the 11 Plus selection test not only gives your child a major confidence boost and eagerness to succeed but also provides them with an academic edge that will help them extensively in their future.


Competition for places at the grammar schools has never been higher and, with large class sizes in school, it can be extremely difficult to ensure your child is receiving the support they need for the 11 Plus selection test. At Wiseowls Learning, we believe that the key to success is to join our courses at the earliest opportunity, in order to gain high levels of confidence and ability. Only the most academically able and well-prepared children can expect to score highly enough to be offered a place at a grammar school. We are very proud that 90% of our students gained a place at a Grammar schools.

Not sure whether the 11 Plus selection test is suitable for your child?


Are your child’s results consistently average or above? Are teachers pleased with the level they are at with the school curriculum? Is your child gifted academically? Then don’t let them miss out on the best start to secondary education! Why not try a free session at Wiseowls Learning, Our centre is vibrant and full of positive energy, it is a place where your child will want to come. 


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English writing and comprehension

It is vital that your child has a good level of grammar, punctuation and spelling, particularly for the creative writing and comprehension parts of the test. It is also important to have a good level of vocabulary and a clear understanding of language devices. Your child will be expected to identify key language features in texts and will need to understand the language devices used by the writer to engage the reader.


This is a topic that is not taught in schools. However, your child is required to have a good understanding of how to answer various questions involving letters and sequences, as well as being able to crack letter and number-based codes. As is the case with Maths, problem-solving is a significant part of the topic and it is also essential that your child has a good level of vocabulary.


For some children, Verbal Reasoning may be understood naturally, whilst others may need more practice and support. Wiseowls Learning offers this extra curriculum as part of our 11 Plus course. The logical skills taught will aid your child in their academic life.

Artboard 11 copy.png
Artboard 11 copy.png

Your child will be expected to understand core and applied skills in Maths.


At Wiseowls Learning, we ensure they have a complete understanding of the basic core topics before building up to more advanced mathematics. Start your child’s essential Maths journey and let their mathematical skills develop at Wiseowls Learning.

This topic is also not taught in schools. Non-verbal reasoning is problem-solving based around pictures, diagrams, shapes and codes rather than words. It is the understanding and analysis of visual information and requires the ability to solve problems using visual reasoning. The types of questions include identifying relationships, similarities and differences between shapes, patterns and objects, as well as recognising and remembering visual sequences. Rather than learned ability, non-verbal reasoning is used to determine how your child uses critical thinking and logic to solve problems.


Supporting your child in subjects like this can be a daunting task, especially as you may not have had any experience of this subject yourself. It could determine your child’s future potential and intelligence. Wiseowls learning is able to help consolidate these skills on our 11 Plus courses.

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When is the 11 Plus selection test?


The selection test is at the beginning of year six. The exact dates are dependent on each school. Wiseowls Learning can advise you on all the key dates when you come along to try a free session.


How do you register your child for the 11 Plus selection test?


You are able to register your child using the online registration form via the individual school website or contact the school directly. Wiseowls Learning can help you with the forms when you bring your child to try a free session.


The Results


You will receive the results within a few weeks, with each school advertising their own dates. You will have ample time to decide your preferred choices on your school selection form. You will be given a position in order of merit, but this will not constitute your offer of a place, as that confirmed position is sent to you from your local authority on March 1st the year following the selection test.


What can you do to prepare your child for the 11 Plus selection test?


Success is more probable when your child is well prepared. Therefore, you should ensure that you start enhancing their subject skills and knowledge as early as possible. At Wiseowls Learning, we have a proven formula to work on improving your child’s weaker areas whilst maintaining their stronger skills. Our aim is to increase their self-belief as well as encouraging motivation and engagement. We are able to adapt our teaching to the pace of their learning, whilst solving any challenges that come along their way.


The Wiseowls Learning 11 Plus courses are based around teaching in small sized groups, making the learning experience more enjoyable within a lively and vibrant environment. 


11 Plus Courses

Our 11 Plus courses are designed to nurture, develop and consolidate all aspects needed to succeed in the Grammar school selection test. Our centre is vibrant and full of positive energy, it is a place where your child will want to come. We are very proud that 90% of our students gain a place at a Grammar school.


Reach out to us with your child to find out why you can put your trust in us.

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We highly recommend booking a place on one of our popular pretests, to give your child an opportunity of what to expect in terms of the environment and time conditions, as well as an insight into what areas they are confident with or struggling on. The Wiseowls Learning 11 Plus pretests are specially formulated and unique to Wiseowls Learning tuition centres, they are not in general circulation.

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Intense Revision Course

The aims of this course is to cover any weak areas identified by the learners. We will go over each subject area in greater depth, ensuring that any doubts your child may have are dealt with effectively, in a way which leaves your child confident, enthusiastic and ready to face the test. Timing is critical in the 11 Plus selection test so at Wiseowls Learning, we help your child focus on completing past practice papers under strict timed conditions in preparation for the selection test. Our intense revision courses take place throughout the year.

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Summer School

With the long summer break your child may become complacent, or simply put their learning on hold, therefore we offer an opportunity for them to stay focused at our Summer School. These daily Masterclasses are ideal to ensure your child is confident in each area of the 11 Plus selection test. Furthermore, exam practice papers are carried out under timed conditions which will allow students to feel much more confident and prepared for the big day as well as help to overcome any exam nerves. 

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Wiseowls learning are an approved Ofsted voluntary registered childcare provider. Childcare vouchers, the childcare element of Working Tax Credits and Universal Credit or the Childcare Grant for full-time students could enable you to save on your fees. We also offer a fantastic scholarship scheme, which gives a discount to parents receiving means-tested benefits e.g. Income Support, employment support allowance or Job Seekers Allowance (proof of eligibility will be required).

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