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Maths & English

Often in schools, large class sizes can make it almost impossible to ensure that all learners are receiving the support they need. To get through all the curriculum content, teaching can move quickly and topics are unlikely to get covered more than once. All students have different preferences of learning styles and many students get left behind. They can feel disappointed after making errors or struggling in certain areas, thus allowing their confidence and self-esteem to be knocked.

At Wiseowls Learning we have a proven formula to work on improving your child’s weaker areas whilst maintaining their stronger skills. Our aim is to increase their self-belief as well as encouraging motivation and engagement. We are able to adapt our teaching to the pace of their learning, whilst solving any challenges that come along their way. The Wiseowls Learning programmes are based around teaching in small sized groups, making the learning experience more enjoyable within a lively and vibrant environment.

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Maths is such an essential subject; weaknesses left unaddressed could significantly affect your child’s overall academic progress. At Wiseowls learning, our tutors ensure that your child’s needs are met by using simple formulas, a variety of teaching techniques, as well as making maths fun and engaging. We promote peer-to-peer engagement; it is a crucial element in learning and can help to keep students more engaged. 


Your child can build on and develop skills in maths given the right method of teaching, encouragement, and environment and our maths courses are in line with the school curriculum and, alongside the expertise of our tutors in all subject areas, it is the best complement to your child’s math education.  


Results from our maths programmes show great leaps in learners’ abilities, giving them greater potential for exceptional results in the future in all subjects. 

 Wiseowls Learning maths essentials: 

Wiseowls tutors also teach Applied Skills in mathematics which include: 

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Consolidation and building on previous knowledge 

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Closing gaps and working on weaknesses 

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Preparing readiness for examinations

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Grasping different mathematical concepts 

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Making sure that the teaching methods fit the learners

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Reasoning, probability and data handling 

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Calendars, money and telling the time 

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Problem-solving and word problems 

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Mathematical concepts enable children to comprehend the relationship between operations and numbers, as well as understand how to apply this knowledge in the real world. Children who find it hard to apply maths concepts usually struggle with word problems since they cannot identify the essential information needed to solve a mathematical problem. Those who are stronger at understanding maths concepts are said to have a good “number sense.”  Our tutors ensure that adequate time is spent on mathematical concepts to boost their performance.



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The emphasis on possessing a good level of grammar, punctuation and spelling in writing is essential in education today as it enables one to be proficient in English.


At Wiseowls Learning, giving the learners writing tasks and teaching them how to follow particular language structures and techniques changes the way they contemplate what they read and write, while helping to better their understanding of written communication. 

Reading and writing aloud may seem simple however doing that fluently can be challenging for some. Therefore, we offer learners the support they need which enables them to relieve stress and concentrate on more complex aspects of English such as poetry and comprehension. 

We understand that reading is an essential language skill as it exposes the learner to an array of new vocabulary and comprehension of a wide range of materials. That’s why Wiseowls Learning encourages its learners to be active readers so that they can relate to what they are reading in an imaginative and intellectual way, using strategies to interpret a story visually and to gather an understanding of a more extensive range of vocabulary. This results in a more enjoyable and beneficial reading experience. 

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Improve writing, spelling, grammar, and punctuation


Good spelling, punctuation, grammar and excellent writing in an exam do not go unnoticed, Spelling tests and games can make preparation enjoyable especially for those less confident in spelling and have a solid understanding of various literary techniques. 

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Motivating them to read challenging books will help them improve their vocabulary.


Reading improves the ability to fully comprehend and identify various language features such as onomatopoeia, metaphors, similes, etc. and parts of speech such as adjectives, pronouns, and nouns. To ensure that books are easily accessible for our learners, we have developed a library system at Wiseowls Learning whereby learners are able to loan and share books. 

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Dictionary skills are crucial, they help raise the students’ awareness of the information they can find in a dictionary. Furthermore, these skills aid in promoting creativity and encouraging independent learning, at Wiseowls Learning we encourage the use of a dictionary during class time and at home during the completion of comprehension tasks.


Wiseowls learning are an approved Ofsted voluntary registered childcare provider. Childcare vouchers, the childcare element of Working Tax Credits and Universal Credit or the Childcare Grant for full-time students could enable you to save on your fees. We also offer a fantastic scholarship scheme, which gives a discount to parents receiving means-tested benefits e.g. Income Support, employment support allowance or Job Seekers Allowance (proof of eligibility will be required).

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