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11 Plus Tuition

Importance of Individual Attention towards Students

Every child is unique and has their own approach to learning. They have their own pace of working, as well as different strengths and weaknesses. In a class with many students, it is very unlikely that every individual will receive an equal amount of attention. As a result of this, it is often the case that children with the intelligence and capability to achieve top results end up with average performances.


This is a frequent occurrence in the 11 Plus exam, with many children not having the confidence and adequate support needed to pass the test. In order to prepare your child for the entrance exam in the best way possible, it is crucial to provide them with a quality level of teaching in an environment in which they can thrive. With schools unable to provide the necessary support, this leaves many parents wondering; where is the best 11 Plus tuition near me?

At Wiseowls Learning, we are a team of qualified teachers dedicated to 11+ tuition for any child wishing to succeed in the grammar schools’ entrance exam. Our 11+ tutors are devoted to every child and passionate to fulfil their ambition of ensuring every individual has the confidence and knowledge to pass the 11 Plus exam. We are experienced and specialise in each aspect of the entrance exam, using our ability to prepare students for not just the 11+, but any exams and tests that they may sit in the near future.


We provide a warm and friendly nurturing environment and teach in very small groups to ensure that each student gets the support and attention they need. Children of all abilities join Wiseowls Learning and we adapt our teaching methods to ensure that everyone is achieving their full potential. We also provide various sessions dedicated to different aspects of the exam, including 11 plus Maths, Creative Writing and Verbal Reasoning classes, as well as workshops focusing on time management and 11 plus exam preparation.

The 11 Plus Exam Course

11 Plus tuition at Wiseowls Learning consists of the three aspects of the 11+ exam. These are Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. Certain selective tests may also include Non-verbal reasoning.

In Maths, it is essential for children to be familiar with both core and applied maths. Children are taught concepts and various topics, which are then applied to exam-style questions. The progression from maths taught in schools to 11 Plus exam level can be quite significant for many students and we ensure that this transition is done confidently, with constant improvement and understanding.

In English, it is necessary for children to understand the correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation with all pieces of writing. Wiseowls Learning teaches students about important language devices and extensive vocabulary that is essential for the 11 plus English Writing exam. Furthermore, children are taught to apply these skills and understand how to identify various features in the 11+ English Comprehension exam.

Verbal Reasoning is a very important skill that children are required to know for the 11+ exam. This is not an aspect taught in schools; therefore, it is taught extensively at Wiseowls Learning. Most topics relate to letters, numbers and sequences.


They can include word and number-based codes, as well as identifying connections between certain words. Non-verbal reasoning is similar but applies to codes relating shapes and images. Many students are not used to applying these forms of reasoning, which is why we support every individual with their preparation for the 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning test.

Wiseowls Learning Goal

Our 11 Plus tutors at Wiseowls Learning work hard to ensure they provide the highest quality of 11+ tuition. This is done by creating an environment that promotes learning and self-improvement, tailored to each individual and ensuring that every child can reach their full potential.


Our 11 plus team focuses on the weak aspects in every topic whilst ensuring that the strong areas are sustained. This instils a sense of confidence in each child and provides them with the knowledge and mindset to succeed in the 11 Plus exam.

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