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11 plus Test Preparation and Financial Support Schemes

Finding the right school or tuition centre for your child can be a very stressful and daunting time for any parent or carer. Making the right decision is very important to determine the future for your child. Of course, every parent wants their children to study at a high-achieving school, without compromising on their academic learning experience. Therefore, at Wiseowls Learning we deliver the best academic learning experience to your child and ensure they are prepared for their future.


The 11 plus admissions test is undertaken at the beginning of Year 6 and the results will determine if your child is eligible to join one of the grammar schools. For this reason, it is essential that your child receives appropriate tutoring at an early stage and the right guidance when preparing for the test. This will allow them to feel confident in their ability and ready to sit the exam with plenty of time to go. Our primary focus at Wiseowls Learning is to help every child with 11 Plus preparation and to provide them with the knowledge and mindset needed to succeed.

What do we offer?

Being the most recommended tuition centre in Halifax for 11+ preparation, we feel privileged to help students prosper in the most essential test of their educational journey. There is a huge competition for selection at one of the grammar schools, which makes it difficult to guarantee that every child is receiving the correct teaching needed for 11 plus preparation. Our tuition centre particularly takes this into consideration, working on any difficulties which may arise by giving each the individual the attention and support they require. This aids in boosting their confidence, an important factor in passing the test.

We offer Financial Support!

We are an OFSTED registered childcare provider, therefore, for those families who may find it difficult to pay the fees, we can offer support and assistance with seeking financial support via one of the following: Childcare Voucher Scheme, Tax Free Childfree, Childcare Grant or Universal Credit.


We believe, every child deserves the opportunity to sit the 11 plus test. To make our goal a reality, we offer a free trial session in 11 plus preparation for those wanting to join our tuition centre. This allows you as a parent to see what your child will be engaged in over the duration of their tuition. We continuously ensure that students feel at ease by providing a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.


We are certain that our free trial session will fulfil the educational needs of the children and once parents are satisfied, they can enrol onto our learning program. The process is explained to the parent and financial support is presented to those who cannot meet the expenses.

Details of the Financial Support:

Childcare Voucher Scheme:

11 Plus preparation is made easy with this scheme as parents can save cash by paying from the pre-tax income. Although this scheme has been discontinued, we are still accepting childcare vouchers from the parents who are still previously registered on a scheme through their employer.

Tax free Childcare:

This arrangement is the newest by the government and allows suitable families up to £2,000 per year per child. This scheme is exclusively for the children who are under the age of 12. On the other hand, for children with disabilities, the age boundary is 17.


Universal Credit:


Up to 70% of the childcare cost can be paid if you are eligible for universal credit, making it much easier to register your children for 11+ preparation.


Childcare Calculator:


This calculator helps you check and make sure of which childcare expenditures you can get. This is also under the government website.


The End Result!


We recognize that it is a nervous time for children preparing to take the 11+ test and probably one of the most challenging experiences for them. It is undoubtably one of the most important parts of their educational journey. Hence why we offer a variety of 11 plus events throughout the duration of the year, such as our 11+ pretest that mirrors the official 11 plus test. The pretest day provides the same structure of the actual exam day to students, so they are aware of what and how they have to attempt the test and ways to overcome any challenges.


As important as it is for adequate 11 plus preparation, many parents are not able to afford it, which directly hinders the opportunity for their child to reach the best of their ability. The outlined financial provisions can aid parents in providing quality education to their children and leaves every child with the chance to pursue their future with full at one of the best grammar schools.


Wiseowls Learning is very proud to be a part of our children’s development and happy to offer support and advice to parents who see their dreams being fulfilled in the image of their child’s success.

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