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Best Tuition Centre in Halifax!

When it comes to providing your child education, every parent aims to find the best option for their child. Since children are our future as parents, they deserve every right to receive an excellent education in order to enjoy a quality life ahead. The most valuable path for your child to succeed is to pass the 11 plus test, determining if they will enter the next stage of their education at one of the grammar schools. If this is the vision you see for your child, then Wiseowls Learning is the top tuition centre for classroom-based 11 plus tuition, 11 plus online tuition and 11 plus online test preparation in Halifax.

At Wiseowls Learning we pride ourselves on our 90% success rate in the 11 plus exam. We structure our teaching to cover all aspects of the test and leave every child feeling confident to sit the exam and succeed. We welcome all children at our centre and nurture every individual, ensuring that they feel supported within the Wiseowls family. This is why students who receive 11 plus online tuition from us are confident and thriving in their academic learning experience.

Parents trust us!

Wiseowls Learning is not only a tuition centre, but also a fun and supportive environment for children to enjoy learning in. Our tutors ensure that our students feel safe and supported throughout their development. This is the reason parents put their trust in us and rely on us to care for and ensure a successful education for their children. The responsibility is of upmost priority to us and we believe our success is determined by the success and accomplishments of our learners. Our ethos and ability to succeed makes us the most preferred 11 plus tuition centre in Halifax for both classroom-based and online 11 plus tuition.

Qualified Tutors:

We take pride in our tutors who work with devotion so that the children can gain all the knowledge they need to pass the test. We have qualified tutors who are proficient in their fields and support each child individually, by working at their pace so that every child receives equal attention and opportunity to flourish.  Tutors are friendly and makes the whole learning process enjoyable, so that the children do not feel as if they are in a regular school class. This makes the learning experience interesting, keeping every child engaged and focused on their learning.

Online Tuition:

Receiving quality tutoring is the right of every child but we understand not every child can make it to tuition centre, due to various reasons such as other commitments. Therefore, at Wiseowls Learning we offer the option of several live online sessions that are easily accessible on any device. Our various 11 plus events, such as our 11 plus pretest are also available online. Children can join our 11 plus online tuition course and enhance their academic skills with ease.  Our belief is to provide a continuity in education to every child, hence why we provide the option to catch up on a missed classroom session with an online session. Whether it is online teaching or a classroom-based setting, we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Parents support us because we invest in the future of the children. Satisfaction of parents and students is our primary focus.

What Topics do we Cover?

We assist in the four most important core areas covered in the grammar school admissions test; English comprehension, Creative Writing, Maths, Verbal Reasoning. Some tests may also include Non-verbal Reasoning. Topics such as Verbal Reasoning are not taught in schools, therefore we teach these subject areas in depth, as they are essential in passing the 11 plus test. Children need to feel confident with the basic concepts initially and them build themselves up to a more advanced level, which is our main goal. All of these skills do not only play a vital role in passing the test but are also incredibly useful in later life. Having a good level of vocabulary is necessary and plays a crucial part in both Verbal Reasoning and in English Comprehension. The non-verbal reasoning comprises of critical thinking and problem solving. A decent understanding is needed of shapes, patterns and dissimilarities. This aids in acquiring skills that are beneficial during the course of further education. Many grammar schools do not require non-verbal as part of their admissions test, so we would recommend checking with your local grammar school.

Besides 11 plus online tuition, there are a number of 11+ workshops we offer our students to test their capabilities and give them plenty of time to enhance their skills with enjoyable activities. We believe learning can and should be fun!

Aims and Results:

Our aim is to encourage pupils to improve their knowledge at their own pace.  Our tutors give every child individual attention to focus on their weakest areas and allow them to build self-confidence. Unlike schools, we have a fewer number of children in each class by teaching smaller groups, making it easier for children to follow the study pattern and receive sufficient attention and support.

We believe success is most attainable when a child is well-prepared. This is where we play our part. Parents put their faith in us, and we have faith that every child has the potential to succeed. We refine their skills and confide in them. Appreciation and belief always bring out the best in each individual, hence why we not only provide 11 plus online tuition, but also support in bringing out a sense of confidence and self-assurance in our students. We want our students to be prepared in facing any challenges of the test with ease. As a result of our work ethic, we are the number one choice of parents for specialized and successful 11 plus tuition.

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